Who are we ?

Scriptarium is an associative publisher founded in 2009. We are specialised in the universes linked to the gamebooks. Today, the team gathers about forty passionate members, who are often fine connoisseurs of the related fictive worlds [especially Magnamund (Lone Wolf, The World of Lone Wolf), Titan (Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery!), Orb (The Way of the Tiger) or Ethra (The Dark Eye, Drakensang)]. From Brussels to Ottawa, this is an international (but French speaking) team. For this reason, our main tool is the Internet, including a forum where everybody is welcomed.

What do we do?

For our products (tabletop roleplaying games, solo adventures,geographical maps, expertise, substantive articles, news, interviews.), we emphasise the greatest rigour to respect the sources (canon), and to work closely with the creators of the universes (Joe Dever, Steve Jackson.). We publish our own products (paper and pdf, amongst which the webzine Draco Venturus) and we provide original texts, corrections and illustrations to other publishers (Gallimard Jeunesse, Mongoose Publishing, Cubicle 7.).


Pas de billets à afficher.

How can you join our team?

You can join our adventure either financially (by becoming a member of the association, donating, or buying our products), or by getting involved in the development and using your skills.

We are in need for authors, translators, proofreaders, illustrators (paintings, plans, maps) and graphic artists, communicators, commercials, webmasters, people having skills in management, book-keeping and administrative tasks (especially concerning associations). Please do not refrain because you think you are not good enough! And we do not let anybody who join us alone, Scriptarium has a human scale!