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Scriptarium is an association loi 1901 funded in 2009 (registered ind 2010) focused on gamebook-related universes.

Scriptarium is a registered trademark of David Latapie.

The team is made up of thirty-something enthusiasts [mainly of Magnamund (Lone Wolf), Titan (Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery! or Ethra (The Dark Eye].

Scriptarium is the official publisher of Défis Fantastiques – Le Jeu de rôle, the French version of Advanced Fighting Fantasy. The setting is the detailled universe of Titan, created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone and developped ever since, for thirty years on almost 70 books, novels, and RPG material.

Scriptarium also works with the British publisher of the Lone Wolf series, for copyediting/background checks, illustrations and cartography. It also produces supplementals, such as The Stornlands, a book decribing in lenght the war-torn Stornlands of Magnamund.

Scriptarium works hand-in-hand with Joe Dever, author of the series and the universe and acts as an expert on the books as well as the General Map of Magnamund as well as  the Tactical Maps of Magnamund drawn by italian artist Francesco Mattioli.

Finally, Scriptarium publishes since 2010 a massive, annual free webzine, Draco Venturus specialised on gamebook-related universes. It contains background articles, interviews of authors, illustrators and editors alike, solo adventures and a detailled and commented news sections.

From Ottawa to Tokyo, our team is implanted worldwide (yet speaks French). So we mainly work on Internet, on the Scriptarium forum, opened to everyone.

If you wish do join Scriptarium and t invd in our projects, don’t hesitate! Registration is here!

For Scriptarium, for Kaï and for Libra !

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