Scriptarium is a non-profit publisher which focuses on Fantasy worlds and is seeking to enhance the links between gamebooks and role playing games.

Our team is composed of passionate fans and some of the greatest experts of the games and settings we are working on:

  • Titan (Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery! …);
  • Magnamund (Lone Wolf and Grey Star) ;
  • The Dark Eye (/Drakensang) ;
  • Rêve de Dragon (French roleplaying game, translated in the 90s as Rêve: the Dream Ouroboros).

This is an international team (including english speaking members from Canada, the UK or South Africa), working mainly on the Web. Our works carefully respect all the ‘canonical’ sources and rely on a close interaction with the authors (Joe Dever, Steve Jackson, Jonathan Green…). This includes role-playing stuff, solo adventures, geographical maps, expertise, articles, interviews…

We self-publish the French Advanced Fighting Fantasy Roleplaying Game and Rêve de Dragon (paper and pdf). We also provide texts, translations, proofreading services and illustrations for other publishers (Cubicle 7, Mantikore Verlag, Megara Entertainment, Mongoose Publishing, Holmgard Press, Arion Games, Black Book Editions, Gallimard Jeunesse, Forge Reply, Askfägeln…)

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